Colour House Tattoo & Piercing Belfast "Be happy in the skin you're in!"

About Us

Colour House Tattoo & Piercing Belfast is Ireland’s only Neo-traditional Specialist’s, who not only put their own spin on it, but can kill it for you as well. Just call to the studio & check out their collaboration of designs.

Master Jax Wolf, Belfast based, multi award-winning artist, and the creator of Supremacy's Hulk Pro Series brings over 15 years experience to the tattoo industry. Jax has developed his own individual style and is a specialist in Neo-Traditional, Colour Realism, Portraits & Custom Tattoos.

If you can't find what you are looking for, Jax will help you design a custom tattoo, helping you be "happier in the skin your in".


You name it and we can provide it. From Tattoos to Piercings you can be sure we will get the job done and get it done right.

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Colour house tattoo belfast
Colour House Tattoo Belfast formally known as Archangel Tattoos Belfast has been at the forefront in the Belfast tattoo industry for over 15 years providing not only Northern Ireland, but also Ireland as a whole with high quality professional tattoos & piercing's, the studio is easily accessible from anywhere in the province of Ireland due to being situated only a few minutes walk for Central Train Station. For those of you travelling by car the area is well served by car parking .Give us a call if you have any trouble finding us or need help with travel arrangements.
We can accommodate your individual needs no matter what you are looking for – something small or a full bodysuit we will always do our best to offer reliable, impartial advice so that you can leave feeling confident you have made the right decision. Regardless of size we understand that getting a tattoo is a big decision, and our job is to offer advice based on our professional experience to ensure you get it right.
The studio is not only modern and hygienic but also supports full disabled access and is situated on ground level, the waiting area has internet access with a lounge computer allowing clients to comfortably sit and access some of the available designs.
The Master that is... Master Jax Wolf is a passionate and dedicated Tattooist, with more than 15 years experience and will create a unique experience with each and every tattoo, pushing boundaries as an artist to make your idea become a reality.
We hope through our continuous high standards Colour House Tattoo will remain a favourite in the future.