Colour House Tattoo & Piercings Belfast isSupplied & Sponsored by SUPREMACY-TPS 

Most non private piercings are £25 each.

Additional prices for private piercings, dermal anchors & body modifications.

Colour House Tattoo & Piercing have been at the cutting edge of piercing technology since the very beginning. Our Studio is licensed and approved by Belfast City Environmental Health. We offer a professional service in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and we are only 5 mins form Belfast City Centre, and a few mins walk from Central Station. Our piercers are highly skilled and have built a reputation for high quality body piercings. All our basic jewellery is hypoallergenic and made mainly of high quality titanium, which is nickel-free, making it the most suitable metal to pierce with. 

Almost any part of the body can be pierced but it is always important to consider your individual anatomy before getting a piercing. Everyone's body is different and piercings such as upper ear piercings and intimate piercings are very dependent on the individual shape of your ears etc. You can then choose not only the placement that will suit your body but also the jewellery that has the best chance of healing your piercing. As with any piercing placement queries we recommend that you consult us with any questions before you decide to go ahead with a piercing. 

It is also important to think about your lifestyle - will your new piercing be practical in day to day life?  Simple things such as clothing and work dress codes can cause problems with certain body piercings. For example, if you wear a helmet or headphones often it may make it difficult to heal upper ear piercings. Many work places do not allow facial piercings and if you work in a dangerous environment certain body piercings pose a health risk. Most of these issues can be overcome with careful piercing placement and the right jewellery but it is always better to be safe than sorry! 

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